Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials


“ My favourite part is waking up early to play hockey. I’m tired sometimes, but hockey sure wakes me up!” (Connor)


“ It has been a positive experience for me both socially and physically.” (Maria)


“ I have had a great experience with the sports academy the past 4 years. I have learned a ton. It has improved my hands, my shooting, my passing, and most of all my skating.” (Zack)


 “ The academy rocks here and I’m grateful for being in it. The sports really made me feel at home since I moved here from Ontario. I made lots of new friends and improved my hockey.” (Thomas)


"I love sports academy because it helps build my endurance, improve my soccer skills, and opens opportunities." (Ava)


 “ The best part of the sports academy I think is having fun while at the same time improving your game.” (Chris)


 “ The last 3 years have been awesome! All the coaches have been amazing. They taught me so much about hockey and life skills.” (Shawn)


 “ Sports academy is great for everyone to express their athletic side in a fun way.” (Bennett)


"I love sports academy because we get to work with so many mazing coaches" (Claire)


“ I have made better relationships with my friends because we get to bond together at hockey.” (Adam)


 “ I think that sports academy has really made me stronger and faster. It also made me more confident.” (Noah)


 “ They teach us new skills, encourage us to push to our limits so that we can achieve our best, and they even let us play scrimmage and have fun.” (B.C.)


'"Sports Academy gives me the opportunity to learn new activitis, games, and sports nd the coaches are all really nice." (Faith)