Staff Directory

Sports Academy

Photo of Geoff Giacobbo

Geoff Giacobbo

Sports Academy Coordinator

Phone: 780-444 3392

placeholder image for Jocelyn Sigurdson

Jocelyn Sigurdson

Program Support

Phone: 789 444 3392

Hockey Staff

Photo of Frank Esposito

Frank Esposito

Lead Hockey Instructor

Photo of Taylor Lotoski

Taylor Lotoski

Lead Hockey Instructor

Photo of Carson Fleming

Carson Fleming

Lead Elementary Hockey Instructor

placeholder image for Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison

Lead Junior High Hockey Instructor

Photo of Kelly Wosnack

Kelly Wosnack

Hockey Instructor

Photo of Fernando Pisani

Fernando Pisani

Hockey Instructor

Photo of Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Hockey Instructor

Photo of Chris Joseph

Chris Joseph

Hockey Instructor

Photo of Dave Rathjen

Dave Rathjen

Goalie Instructor

placeholder image for Rob Hayne

Rob Hayne

Hockey Instructor

placeholder image for Genna Razin

Genna Razin

Hockey Instructor

Soccer Staff

Photo of Marc Loiselle

Marc Loiselle

Lead Soccer Instructor

Photo of Emma Espisito

Emma Espisito

Lead Elementary Soccer Instructor

Photo of Nikola Vignjevic

Nikola Vignjevic

Soccer Instructor

Photo of Brian Shackel

Brian Shackel

Video Instructor

Gymnastics Cheer Dance Staff

Photo of Kimberly Kaplar

Kimberly Kaplar

Lead Gymnastics Cheer Dance Academy Instructor

placeholder image for Jayme Plomp

Jayme Plomp

Gymnastics Coach

placeholder image for Erin Gibson

Erin Gibson

Cheerleading Coach